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Commercial Printing

Quality FUJFILM LoChem and Processless plates, imaged on SCREEN high productivity CTP platesetters.


PlateRite 4600Z/S/E

SCREEN’s new PlateRite 4600Z, S and E CTP systems enable consistent production of high-quality printing plates. The high-end PlateRite 4600Z delivers an impressive throughput of up to 33 plates per hour.

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PlateRite HD 8900N-Z

The high-end PlateRite HD 8900N-Z features a 1,024-channel imaging head that utilizes GLVTM technology and is able to output 70 plates per hour.

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Superia ZP

Superia ZP is a processless plate that eliminates the processor, chemistry, gum and water used in the conventional plate production process, the plate being taken straight from the platesetter onto the press.

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Lo-Chem Thermal Plate Production

The Superia low chemistry range enables you to benefit from the industry’s lowest chemistry, water and processor maintenance figures.

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